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If you offer services, the quickest way to build trust and connect with your existing and future clients is by showing them you who are. Regardless if it’s on your website, LinkedIn profile, or promotional material, displaying a professional image of yourself strengthens your reputation. Let your personality shine and show them know that you’re friendly, approachable and professional.

Perth headshots are usually planned for one person at a time, starting at $329 for a 45 minute session at my preferred location, close to the Perth CBD. We will use outdoor locations to capture a range of styles, and I can guide you in what to wear, how to stand and how to relax and look natural (even if you feel awkward in front of a camera). You will receive 25 digital images, adjusted naturally for light, colour and contrast, in high resolution format. I am also available to capture headshots and team photographs at your location – get in touch for a quote.

Get in touch for more information and to book your session – use this form or call: 0425 665 126.

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