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Are you looking for photography lessons or workshops in Perth? Have you always wanted to learn photography, or just wanted some tips to get you over a learning hurdle? Perhaps you have a lovely camera that is sitting in the cupboard gathering dust because you don’t know how to use it? Or maybe you’re always asked to take photos at staff functions and you want to learn how to use the camera.

I can help no matter your reason or motivation. I will show you the tips and tricks to get you started and to extend your current abilities and knowledge.

There are many ways to learn photography, and I offer:

Workshops, tutorials and photo-walks

If you’re the type of person who learns best in person, this is the option for you. Workshops and tutorials are held across Perth, with a variety of topics and formalities.

Want a more relaxed way of learning? Come along to a casual two-hour photo-walk, each covering a different topic or theme (and usually including a coffee at the end).

Prefer a more structured approach? Half day and full day workshops are also run throughout the year. Workshops and tutorials can also be tailored for groups of six or more people at a time and place that suits you.

I also run short one-hour tutorials for small businesses, marketing and communications professionals who want a quick overview and the top tips for how to immediately improve your photography.

Details of all upcoming events can be found in the events panel on this page (desktop: to your right, or mobile: below). To be informed of future events, sign up to the non-spammy mailing list.

The Essentials of Photography Workbook

This self-published instructional photography book provides jargon-free writing and visual examples on the essentials that every photographer needs to know. It takes you through camera mechanics and photographic technique; from shooting in auto to understanding the importance of composition; using movement and depth of field to create better images, and finally shooting in manual mode.

Get your DSLR camera off Auto as you work your way through ten easy-to-understand chapters.
Covering everything from ISO, white balance, composition, aperture and depth of field, to shutter speed and capturing motion, this workbook will teach you all the essential knowledge and skills to help you become a confident photographer.

Each chapter includes a comprehensive description of the most important photographic topics, accompanied by helpful diagrams, photographs, and practical exercises to assist you to understand the theory and put it into practice.

The book can be purchased through Amazon.com.au or by emailing me. (now out of print! Get the last few while you can!)

The Essentials of Photography online course

Based on the Essentials of Photography Workbook, this six-week online course has the added benefit of guided learning, additional content, and the opportunity to ask questions and to receive feedback.

Students are guided through the technical aspects of mastering their camera and photography, as well as learning how to look at a scene and compose great image. A new video each week with give additional information and tips not found in the workbook, and students have the opportunity to submit images and questions after each lesson and receive feedback.

The online course is coming soon! To be the first to know when enrolments open, sign up to our mailing list.

Private tutoring

Can’t make it to a workshop and the online course doesn’t suit you? Maybe you just prefer learning one-on-one or with a friend, and have a specific topic or technique you want to learn. In that case, private photography tutoring is for you and is available across the Perth metro area.

Each session can cover any technical or artistic topic, from the absolute basics through to more advanced. Custom computer tutorials can also be created for you, including photo editing in Photoshop and Lightroom. If you’re starting up your own photography business and need some guidance, I am also happy to talk you through it.

For more information including pricing, get in touch and let me know where you’re at and what you want to learn.


Come along to one and learn photography in a friendly environment.

No events? Get in touch and I can create one, just for you.


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